Review Process

Review Period
1. Review process will be done in range of 8 to 14 days.
2. One Reviewer in term of substantial, maximum article to review are 3 articles.
3. Double blind review is applied for all reviews article

Substantial Review
1. Only to Reviewer that suitable with their field.
2. More than one Reviewer and also to make a review with technical issues of the article.
3. Relevance to the Conference topic.
4. Importance of the research / State-of-the-art.
5. Proper methodology.
6. Arguments and conclusions.
7. Academic Writing quality.
8. Each revision article will be check by Editor/Technical Review for make sure all review is done by author.

Other Information
1. Author will be received 1 Technical Review and Minimum of 1 Substantial Reviewer both from Author Suggestion or/and choose from Committee.
2. When the article delivers to publisher, every Author will receive Galley Proof and Similarity Result with Turnitin and iThenticate. As an Author must agree with the editing version, except there is some correction from Author.
3. Every Author will receive information and status of the article after submitted.